Benji Marshall

Kiwi International star Benji Marshall invested in his health with an Adjusta Mattress Dual king Bed and is reaping all the benefits whilst putting his sleep apnoea to rest.

Adjusta Mattress has been able to assist Benji with his post-game recovery, Benji Says that being able to use the massage feature before he goes to sleep has significantly reduced his lower back pain and snoring.

Benji is enjoying his best night sleep on a Adjusta Mattress.

NRL Touch Football

Another Happy Adjusta Mattress Customer, see what Ryan Papenhuyzen, Dylan & Emily Hennessey have to say about their experiences with Adjusta Mattress!

The contouring capability of an adjustable massage and sleep system ensures you stay comfortable and fully supported throughout the night.

Dylan says he likes the ZG function. Our Adjusta Mattress aides the ability to put your body in a Zero Gravity position which has been proven to reduce the pressure exerted on your spine whilst relieving muscle tension and may improve circulation.

Mackenziee from QLD

Born with Cerebral Palsy Spasticity Diplegia in both legs & after over 40 procedures & major operations – Mackenziee was constantly in severe pain & on strong pain medications just to get 1 – 2 hrs sleep each night.

“Since owning my new Adjusta Mattress bed I finally got my first full night’s sleep with NO PAIN, I’ve not needed any pain medications to go to bed with. I’ve NEVER experienced a full night sleep without taking pain medication & I never experienced waking up without severe pain. The bed’s massage function for my legs has taken away my blue, frozen feet & now the blood flow is nearly back to normal.”

Peter from QLD

Being a retired policeman, Peter sat down with Jay to discuss how he can now seek to improve his back health & relax with his Adjusta Mattress.

Ian from NSW

Ian is so pleased with his dual queen sleep system.

He says “Great bed cant believe we waited so long to get one, great sale service and the install was very professional.”

Transform your bed with an adjustable massage mattress. Adjusta Mattress has developed an adjustable massage sleep system, the first to be seen in the marketplace to assist with a wide range of health complaints that many people experience in everyday life.

Wendy from VIC

Wendy told us “The inbuilt massager makes me relax a lot more that way I can fall asleep easier. At the start I would still wake up when my husband got up in the middle of the night, but now I am waking a lot less often.

I used to sleep on my left side and have recently had problems with tendinitis in my shoulder which caused pain in my arm. sleeping on it made it extremely achy every morning when I woke. It also made my neck tight and gave me head aches. Now with having to sleep on my back I have no pain at all when I wake up, headaches not as often either.”

Rob & Margaret from QLD

Margaret said “I wasn’t able to actually try one until the recent Caravan Show in Brisbane where Ben explained the benefits to my husband & I. Twice that day we tried the mattress & knew we couldn’t leave without buying.

Since the first night on the split mattress system, we have been amazed at the change in sleeping. I haven’t taken any medication or sleeping tablets in two weeks, I can walk in comfort in the morning & generally feel better overall. We did add the topper to both sides as well. We were initially concerned as to whether our current fitted sheets would do the job on the split system & if the top sheet would stay tucked in, but a phone call to Jay & a tip from his wife quickly sorted that issue & we are very happy.”

Melissa from QLD

Another happy Adjusta Mattress customer!!!

See what Melissa has to share about her experience with Adjusta Mattress in her home & caravan.