Rohan Murdock

WBO Super Middle Weight World no 1 Rohan Murdock is working hard to fight his way to no 1 world champ status, recently signing with MTK Global known as the world’s foremost boxer management company, Rohan has some big titles and big name fights ahead of him, and we couldn’t be happier that we are able to assist Rohan with his sleep and recovery while he climbs his way to the very top.

Rohan has won 24 of his 25 fights, with 17 of those KOs. His impressive technique and athleticism will ensure Rohan remains at the top and Adjusta Mattress can’t wait to be a part of his process.

Rohan says that “I’m always looking for that extra edge, so it made sense to partner up with a company like Adjusta Mattress, after 12+ physical training sessions a week and what I put my body through, recovery is so important and sleep is such a huge part of that, my Adjusta Bed plays a huge part in getting me up and feeling fresh ready to fight another day”