Behind every pioneering brand is a dedicated visionary in pursuit of excellence. At the helm of Adjusta Mattress, Shaun Hale resonates deeply with this.

With a commitment to creating partnerships with his clients’ best interests at heart, Shaun’s relationships with industry led health organisations reflect his ongoing commitment to bringing the highest quality adjustable massage beds to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, Shaun knows firsthand how physical pain and discomfort can affect the quality of our sleep.

In 2020, Shaun was involved in a motor vehicle accident that resulted in a lower back injury that directly impacted the quality of his life, and specifically the quality of his sleep.

“It wasn’t until this point that I truly understood how the lack of sleep could negatively impact my quality of life, and how being in constant pain affected my mood, my relationship with my partner Judy, and even my mental clarity.”

Being a solutions driven person, Shaun set out on his pursuit for a proven way to regain his quality of life by improving the quality of his sleep.

“I came across the Adjusta Mattress and after receiving an in depth and professional presentation from one of their sleep consultants, I knew that I had found the key to a better night’s sleep for myself. I had not been this comfortable in years. My body knew that this was the solution for me. I then decided to invest in the dual king sleep system, and I have not looked back.”

It was at that point that Shaun’s entrepreneurial spirit recognised that he had found a leading business that matched his high level of integrity, and his well-founded business mind went to work on acquiring the business.

He knew that Adjusta Mattress had won numerous business and consumer awards, and that their partnerships with leading industry health professionals set them aside from other adjustable bedding businesses. He also recognised that their team of sleep consultants, customer service staff and logistics teams were second to none.

Shaun invested in the business and within a matter of months became the proud new owner of this multinational company across Australia and New Zealand.

Shaun’s history as an entrepreneur was inspired by his parents, who instilled in him the ethics he now operates Adjusta Mattress from; integrity, hard work, service and passion.

Shaun started his career as an entrepreneur on the shop floor of a mechanics store and has worked his way up through decades of commitment and persistence.

“I was never given a handout to start my business. I reflect on the start of my journey and realise that at the time, I knew that if I wanted to make a difference, I was going to have to back myself, which is exactly what I did.”

Shaun has previously successfully started and run a mechanics shop floor, an award-winning jet ski business, which him and his wife, Judy retired from 2 years ago.

As any entrepreneur knows, retirement can be short lived.

“I retired for 2 years and found that very boring and felt like my life was incomplete with no purpose, I came across Adjusta Mattress and after seeing their unique products, sales results, awards, partners, great team and clearly the industry leaders while better still genuinely helping people getting better night’s sleep, I just had to become involved.”

Shaun has been warmly welcomed into the Adjusta Mattress family by his team, and is constantly seeking to improve the business, and his customer service within the business.


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