Hi Guys,

This post is a little different from what I usually write about, however I felt the need to jump on here and share with you all my ‘Why” and the reason behind some of the big things that have been happening here at Adjusta Mattress.

I came on board 3 years ago when Jay who has held the benchmark in this industry for 15 years, had just finished designing the Adjusta Mattress, first to be seen of its kind. I didn’t know a single thing about the mattress/bedding/adjustable bed industry. Nothing……Nada!! I came on board with my marketing hat on, my goal being to kick start the brand and get the name out in the small pockets of my time I had from just having our 3rd child. After absorbing whatever I could from Jay of what this brand meant, the reasoning behind it and seeing the passion and excitement in his eyes I knew this job would be different from anything I’d ever taken on. Then our first shipment of Mattresses came in and I put all the pieces of the puzzle together, it didn’t take me long to make Adjusta Mattress a priority and a passion of mine. Jays passion and enthusiasm was contagious, I caught the Adjusta bug big time!! The goal was simple, we had a target audience, a demographic in which we believed would be our market, and don’t get me wrong it was and still is. However over time, I came to realise that while we grew (that is an understatement, we have tripled in size in these 3 short years)  and our consultants have been able to spread Jays passion and make it their own, whilst we have been able assist in 1000’s of lives by improving sleep, our customer feedback shows us how we have been able to help people with sleep disorders, poor blood circulation, diabetes, injuries, post-op recovery, the elderly and many, many more. There was an area I feel I missed when marketing our product… It was right in front of me, it was me!

I’m a 30 something, healthy, happy woman with no serious health issues & no sleep disorders, however I have benefited from this bed!!  My husband and I have played competitive Touch Football our whole lives, admittedly I put it on the back burner after having children, however he soldiered on and has been recognised within the sport by many of our peers and continues to play at an elite level,  and despite my constant nagging he continues to play rugby league at a competitive level, he played Rugby 7’s for the Wallaby’s once upon a time too …. Still, just an average, healthy 30 something fit guy that now wont sleep on anything but our Adjusta Bed, nor will I let him as being able to have him sleep in the Anti-Snore position has saved him many nights sleeping in the spare room. After seeing first-hand how this improved his recovery it sparked something inside me. 

Since having our Adjusta Bed we get better sleep, his snoring is non-existent, I broke my foot 15 years ago and I now wake up without a limp, we both feel fresh of a morning, something I definitely took for granted as I wasn’t aware that the way we were sleeping and waking wasn’t ok until we got our Adjusta Bed.

This got me thinking…….We are two average, relatively sporty people, how many more people are out there that are going to receive these same benefits that we have? Who would have thought that two young & healthy people would benefit from an Adjustable bed? Certainly not me 3 years ago, and I know I’m not alone. People often ask us, “Why do you guys have an Adjustable bed?” “Why would you need an Adjustable bed, isn’t that for people much older than you guys?”

Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some pretty impressive athletes, CEO’s and other big names who had a similar thought on this whole Adjustable bed business. After introducing them to Jay and some of our other sleep consultants they quickly came to the same realisation that I did, this product is for everyone! Whether you are 25 or 95, whether you are a professional athlete or sit at a desk all day, whether you’ve never broken a bone in your body or suffer from chronic pain due to injury or otherwise, it is for everyone. I’ve made it my mission to make everyone aware of this fact. I would never promote something I didn’t believe in, it’s not who I am, I feel as though I can – not because I work at Adjusta Mattress….Because I have this product, I have personally benefited from it!

I have seen the faces of professional athletes that have laid on our bed for the first time, I watch their minds tick as Jay explains our “why” and I see them get it! I receive hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials from people all over Australia and New Zealand who say this works, some of the feedback I receive literally brings a tear to my eye, the effect that Adjusta Mattress has had on so many lives is mind blowing.

So, this brings me to my final point, as you may be aware, we have brought on some pretty impressive Ambassadors as of late. Professional League players, Rugby Union players, Touch Footy stars, Professional Race Car drivers, Professional Boxers – all of them young and healthy, all of them now have the same realisation, passion and understanding that I have. You’ll see their faces on our website, on our social media platforms and so forth, they’ll share snippets of their story, on how we have been able assist in their recovery, sleep and overall sleep health.

I’ve come to the realisation that everyone has their own story, you might not think it’s important, I certainly don’t think mine is, I’m just a regular person that has had my whole life changed by implementing an Adjusta sleep system, I didn’t realise that sleep had such a big impact on my life until I experienced that change for myself. My new goal is to show you all that this could be you too, hopefully by seeing these familiar faces I mentioned before, it will change your perception on what age, or what condition you need to be in to make a positive change in your sleep health too. You see, once you have that Adjusta experience you become part of a very special family, I consider myself very lucky to be part of this family and it has definitely changed mine and my husband’s life.

So there it is… my “why.” I hope this gives you a better understanding of some of the things you’ve seen as of late and will continue to see from us, we are here to change and improve lives no matter who you are.

Thanks for reading,

Lauren Dayberg-Muir I Marketing Executive