Head Elevation

Full head movement.

Massage area, lower back

Many positions to choose from.

Zero Gravity

 The pre-set Zero, which is the semi Fowler position provides a total support and perfect spinal alignment that distributes your body weight evenly to allow the best rest and recovery position throughout the night.

By using the whole body vibration massage you may experience the benefits of increased circulation throughout your body. You also have the option at a touch of a button to set your favourite position to sleep in, night after night.

The zero gravity setting is based on NASA’s discovery of the optimal body position to reduce G Force pressure. Scientists found that this position does more than just reduce pressure, it is an optimal position for the function of your body. That’s why Adjust Mattress decided this was a must on all our products.

Foot Elevation

 Full foot movement

Many positions to choose from.

Massage area, feet.


Adjustable Caravan / Marine Mattress

70 x 191cm x 2 Beds – Dual Queen (Mattress height 31cm)

Foot end is curved to save space

Standard Mattress

91 x 203cm Adult Single

76 x 203cm x 2 Beds – Dual Queen

91 x 203cm x 2 Beds – Dual King

All Mattress heights 31cm


 Wireless remote with selection of massage and elevation areas

Intensity levels can be set to

Auto timer (10, 20, 30 minute massage button).

Zero gravity settings

Pre-set ‘favourites’ memory available.

All with a 12 month warranty.


 Our mattress is made from the highest quality memory foam.

A top layer of high density foam gives added support while sleeping.

The fabric is 100% certified organic cotton which is hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant.

Organic cotton does not involve the use of chemicals and gases and is grown from non-genetically modified plants.

Adjusta Mattress Patented in Australia. Patent # 2017100342.