Transform your bed into an adjustable bed with an Adjusta Adjustable Massage Mattress

Adjusta mattress has developed an adjustable massage mattress, the first to be seen in the marketplace to assist with a wide range of health complaints that many people experience in everyday life.

Our customers have benefited from the following health complaints:-

Reflux, Fatigue, Restless Legs, Stress Anxiety, Broken Sleep, Cramps, Upper back Pain, Lower back pain, Asthma, Arthritic pain, minor aches & Pains, Sciatica, Poor Blood circulation and Sleep Apnoea.

The range of advanced, premium quality, adjustable mattresses provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort and support.

The contouring capability of an Adjusta Adjustable Mattress ensures you stay comfortable and fully supported throughout the night. Our Adjustable Mattress aides the ability to put your body in a Zero Gravity position which has been proven to reduce the pressure exerted on your spine whilst relieving muscle tension and may improve circulation.

Sixteen plus years of experience in the adjustable bed industry has taught us the ongoing need for maintaining our health. Meeting with customers from all walks of life, from some of the largest shows throughout Australia has allowed us to draw from this wealth of experience:

β€œThe desire to maintain independence at any age.”

As we spend one third of our lives in bed, the inherent benefits gained from an Adjusta Mattress will be an investment in your life.