We pride ourselves on designing & producing a high quality product at an affordable price. Our goal is to make positive sleep health achievable for every budget.


Adjusta Mattress Caravan/Boat mattress range allows you to enjoy the benefits and features of an adjustable bed while on the road and without having to replace your existing bed base and surround.


Our Customer feedback has told us that Adjusta Customers found relief and experienced amazing benefits by investing in their health with an Adjusta Mattress sleep system.


We have created a luxury product that allows you the convenience of keeping your current bed base & surround. The Adjusta Mattress enables you to take advantage of our 5 Star Sleep System in your home, caravan or boat.


Adjusta Mattress is a proud Australian owned company with factories nationwide. We also have a New Zealand Head Office for all our friends across the pond.


Our fully trained and friendly drivers deliver to your door throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our Boys will set up your new Adjusta Sleep System and demonstrate how to use it, they are there to help you understand and use your new bed/mattress.

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Adjusta Mattress has developed a range of advanced, premium quality, adjustable mattress products that provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort and support & assist with a wide range of health complaints that many people experience in everyday life.


15+ years of experience in the adjustable bed industry has taught us the ongoing need for maintaining our health. Meeting with customers from all walks of life, from some of the largest shows throughout Australia has allowed us to draw from this wealth of experience.


β€œThe desire to maintain independence at any age.”


As we spend one third of our lives in bed, the inherent benefits gained from an Adjusta Mattress will be an investment in your life!