Caravan & Boat Mattress

With an Adjusta Adjustable Caravan Mattress you will be able to find that perfect sleep position even while away from home.

Sleeping on the road has never felt so good, our customers have benefited with the following since sleeping on an Adjusta Adjustable Caravan Mattress:-

Sleep Apnoea, Broken Sleep, Minor Aches & Pains, Better Night Sleep, Upper and Lower Back Pain and Fatigue.

For the ultimate luxury while on the road choose an Adjusta Adjustable Massage Caravan Mattress.

Adjustable Caravan / Marine Mattress

 75 x 191cm x 2 Beds - Dual Queen

  Mattress height 31cm

  Removable washable covers

 Foot end is curved to save space

 Custom order can be made at an additional cost.

 Retain maximum storage.

 Pre-set your desired positions.

 Rejuvenating full body massages.

 Suitable for caravan or boat (with existing bases).

 Patented in Australia. Patent # 2017100342.

  See Online Store for prices - Don't forget to enter your promo code at check out to receive any discounts applicable.

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