Benefits of an Adjusta Sleep System - How We Can Help?


Our Customer feedback has told us that Adjusta Customers found long term relief and experienced amazing benefits by investing in their health with an Adjusta Mattress sleep system. Below is a list of some of the health benefits that we have assisted our customers with through our Organic Cotton, High-Density Memory Foam, Adjustable, Massage Sleep Systems.

We believe in the importance of sleep health and are passionate about educating the public on the many health benefits that come with sleeping on an Adjusta Mattress. If you are experiencing any of the below health concerns than please get in touch with one of our sleep consultants today to find out how we can help you enjoy your best nights sleep.

All Adjusta’s medical devices, including our Adjusta Mattress and Adjusta Bed are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) as Class 1 Medical Devices (289329, 303703).

Don't just take our word for it. Read here about the pros and cons for an Adjustable bed v's a Regular Bed by  an author with the Sleep judge.

Our sleep systems come in a wide range of budgets to suit everyone, they are easy to assemble and our beds come supplied with a suitable mattress or our mattresses can fit into your existing frame, our warranty gives you peace of mind thus proving there are only pros to getting an Adjusta Bed or Mattress.

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